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Testing WP plugin of hotspot app Everplaces

Beneath you see a map of my saved places/hotspots in Berlin. I saved them in the hotspot app Everplaces. If you install the Everplaces Plugin, then import the Everplaces html code, you can put your collections from Everplaces into a blogpost or sidebar. It’s still a bit complicated, but I love that they are doing is, as it is still the nicest app to use for hotspots and travel.
Try it!

[everplaces_plugin link=”https://everplaces.com/kirsten/collections/berlin-2-UBijEyMDk” type=”map” width=”600″ height=”300″]

You can also show albums instead of maps, this is what it looks like:
[everplaces_plugin link=”https://everplaces.com/kirsten/collections/berlin-2-UBijEyMDk” type=”album” width=”600″ height=”300″]

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  1. Roel Brugge

    Hi Kirsten,

    They do a good job. Soon we will be also out there in the field :). What do you think about our product so far..?

    Cheers, Roel

    1. kirstenjassies

      Hi Roel, first peek at your app: looks very nice, beautiful design! So you’re taking it up against Everplaces? Will try it out, definetely!


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