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Buying Instagram followers or likes: reviews of tools, services and apps

Because of the success of my blogpost from 2013 about buying Instagram followers, here is a new blogpost with a list of interesting tools, apps and services that offer likes on Instagram photos and followers. With a review of the specific services:

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  2. Coming soon
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Do you have a tool or service for buying Instagram followers or likes and do you want a link and a review on this page?

1. Please sent your url/link to me through email (kirstenjassies@gmail.com) with the subject: review Instagram tool
2. Pay 100 euros through the button beneath
3. When I see the money is there I will review your service or tool and put the link on THIS page.

NOTE >>> a review does NOT have to be positive when I think the experience or service is not. I have the right to publish what I think about your tool, but there will always be text and a link to your homepage. There is no room for discussion here.

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